TSS Series

Centrifugal fans type TSS are designed for heavy duty industrial applications high flow rate and where the complete reliability is considered essential.

Usual design conditions are:

  1. volumetric flowrate up to 350.000 m3/h
  2. static pressure up to 1000 mmH2O
  3. installed power up to 900 kW

The TSS impeller has 12 backwardly curved blades, welded between a substantial back-plate and a streamlined side-plate. The impeller is arranged to give the highest efficiency.

Static efficiencies of 73% are obtained and noise levels are kept to a minimum.

The TSS impeller is best suited for fluid with dusts maximum concentration of 200 mg/Nm3.

For impeller mechanically stressed could be used rings for reinforcement of the blades.

Heavy steel plates for scroll and base construction provide the required rigidity and prevents vibrations.

The fan performance is checked out by testing the fan in accordance with AMCA 210-85 fig.7 and AMCA 210-85 fig.16.

Wheels are statically and dynamically balanced with electronic equipment in accordance with ISO 1940 class 2.5