HP Series

Turbofans type HP are designed for very high pressure and medium flow rate applications.

Turbafans has a unique impeller innovative design (diameter of up to 2000 mm) which leads to static efficiencies up to 85%.

This innovative design differs from current canonical centrifugal ones, allowing the flow to go through the impeller free of turbulences,thus improving aerodynamic efficiency and reducing mechanical loses.

By limiting the rotational speed, we allow for 15% energy savings in comparison with existing products in the market.

The BDC impeller has 13 backwardly curved blades.

Turbofans can be manufactured using different kind of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

Stranich proposes also special solutions with speed rates up to 6000 rpm, using special motors, variable speed drive, gearbox or pulleys and belts.